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Lindsey Kimura

Bio: Lindsey Kimura, a Hollywood Hills native, is a healer, yogi, pole dancer and entrepreneur. She conducts one-on-one energy healing sessions and spiritual readings, teaches yoga and pole dance, and runs the Pole Championship Series, An Elite Competition Series for Professional Pole Athletes. Lindsey is a Pole Presenter at fitness events such as TheFitExpo and SCW Mania and is an ACE/AFAA certified Group Fitness Instructor and Master Trainer for XPERT, the #1 Pole and Aerial Fitness training program worldwide. Lindsey co-founded and runs The Pole Championship Series (PCS), one of the world’s top pole dance leagues in association with the Arnold Classic Worldwide, Schwarzenegger’s multi-sport festival. Lindsey began practicing yoga in 2003 and completed her 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Recognized Teacher Training in 2016. She currently instructs in Los Angeles.

Water is the river of life. Access to pure water is imperative. A necessity for healing and teaching is to be a clear vessel through which Source energy flows. Thank you ZeroWater for providing the solution to pure, clean water so that we may stay healthy and function at our highest potentials!

Ashli Campagna

Bio: Ashli is a 200 hour RYT certified yoga instructor, mom, dancer, foodie, world traveler and lover of healthy living. She began doing yoga here and there in college, but really began her yoga journey 6 years ago after she found a teacher and a class that clicked. This resulted in her falling in love with this ancient practice. Ashli teaches power vinyasa and enjoys creating flows that feel like a dance. The benefits of this moving meditation to body and mind have been transformative and leads her to spread yoga love to the world. 

I began using ZeroWater about two years ago when my mom recommended it. The difference in taste and quality is shocking. I knew it was an excellent filter, but was officially convinced after a plumber tested my tap water and the water in my filter. He gave it a glowing seal of approval, and I will now be a lifelong user of ZeroWater products.

Stephanie Kagel

Bio: Stephanie is a specialist at customizing health and fitness programs to individual needs. Her specialty is Complete Individualized Program Design: It is a personalized health program that that will work best for you as an individual. In other words, it's personal training to fit your personality and your lifestyle. Therefore, it is what will best help you achieve, and more importantly, maintain your goals. Her personalized non-judgmental programs empower people to achieve health, fitness and nutrition benefits in line with their goals and more importantly, maintain those benefits for a happier life. She has 21 years experience as an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer; she is also an advanced member of IDEA, as well as a professional member of ACSM and a member of the American Psychological Association.

How does your water taste? What exactly is in that water you are drinking? I have always used filters for my drinking water, and they seemed to help with the chemical tastes. But then I used a TDS meter to measure my water so I could analyze exactly how well my filters were extracting out all the contaminants. Not so well apparently. They only decreased the TDS number a minimal amount. With ZeroWater, I can be confident that what I am drinking is clean and clear. I can not only test the difference, but taste the difference. Zero contaminants. After trying ZeroWater, you won't want to go back to drinking water with extra "stuff" in in it.

Clint Fuqua

Bio: I am 25 Year health, wellness, and fitness professional often called "The Health Engineer" because of the detail and structure that goes into the individualized program I create for each client. Previous ventures include educating young trainers, developing nutritional supplements, running a nutritional supplement company, running the strength and conditioning program for a 6-12 grade basketball academy, and authoring 2 books. Currently I write articles for several magazines, am a featured expert in Men's Fitness, produce and host my national radio show, coordinate the corporate wellness program for and train clients at Physiofit Texas, and work with the American Diabetes Associate of North Texas as a diabetes educator and coordinator for the DFW StepOutWalk.

Water is the second most needed thing for life right behind air while the quality of the water we drink determines our level of health and quality of life. I have been using ZeroWater since the first time I saw it in 2015, read the reviews on it, and then tested it against the current top rated filter I was using to fill my very large water needs for each day. The 5 stage ionic filter is state of the art and the best thing is that after getting all residues out of the water ZeroWater uses BPA free high density plastics so the pure water stays that way. ZeroWater is the clear winner and I have been enjoying the much cleaner water every day in copious amounts just as I advise my clients, radio show audience, and everyone else to do for better health and a better quality of life.

Kelly Mac

Bio: : Kelly is an AFAA Examiner, AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, Kickboxing, Step, Indoor Cycling Instructor, Yoga, Pilates Instructor, Group Resistance, Midlife Fitness for Women, YogaFit, Zumba and Flirty Girl Certified. Kelly is also a Licensed Cosmetologist and Pro Make Up Artist since 1983.

I've been drinking Brita for years until I met the ZeroWater team at the IDEA Fitness expo in 2015. You bet I am telling my family, friends, students, and clients about it. What you drink is as important as what you eat. Because of the taste and the Ion Exchange technology, I know there are no dissolved solids in my water. Now, I am drinking more water than ever, and not just any water, only the BEST - ZeroWater - goes into my body.

Richard Burgunder

Bio: Richard Burgunder is an internationally acclaimed extreme athlete, adventurer, and mountaineer. In addition to completing 24 marathons/ultramarathons, Burgunder is a 2-time National Champion of USATF Ultra/Trail Running (men’s 20-29 age group), 2-time Top 10 Medalist at USATF Ultra/Trail Running National Championships, 2-time member of Team USA for the ITU Long Course Duathlon World Championships, 5-time Regional Champion of the XTERRA Trail Run Series, and 5-time elite invitational heat competitor at the Empire State Building Run-Up. Burgunder represented the inaugural Team USA in the first leg of The Greatest Race on Earth (GROE) 2007-08 in Nairobi, and he qualified 14 times for the Boston Marathon and another 14 times for world championships in trail running, duathalons, stair climbing, and marathon team relays. In addition to summiting 7 of the highest peaks in the contiguous United States, Burgunder summited Japan’s Mt. Fuji, Colorado’s Long’s Peak and Pike’s Peak, and New Hampshire’s Mt. Washington.

Burgunder's motto is, , "There are no limits," and he applies this to everything he does.

I really like the water filtration system, which delivers high quality and delicious water. The top chamber, where the water sits at first to go through the filter, holds quite a bit of water. You can enjoy filtered water in less than 60 seconds. Altogether, this particular ZeroWater filtration system is superb since it delivers very good tasting drinking water. Typically, I don't drink an immense amount of water, but with this item, I’m actually drinking more, mainly due to the contrast in improved taste and quality.

Nic Akins

Bio: Nic Akins is a certified personal trainer, running coach and elite group fitness instructor living in San Diego, CA. Akins athletic background started in her hometown of St. Charles, MO where she earned her 400m state ranking 3 years in a row. Later, at the University of MO, Columbia she earned 8-Big 12 Track and Field titles and 2 championship titles. Akins currently continues her love for running by competing in local and national running events.

Since I am a trainer and instructor, there are days when I am at different gyms and locations. I am drinking water all day and many times, not sure if my water is clean and pure unless store bought. With ZeroWater, I can be ANYWHERE, fill up my Zerowater tumbler and know that my water has been cleaned, purified and ready for me to drink. I can definitely taste the difference and feel more confident when drinking my water at home, the gym or at the park for my boot camps. Having said that, the first thing that sold me on the product was how easy it was to put the product together. I have a Zero Water filter unit in my bathroom and kitchen. I use it all the time and again, easy to assemble and use. I can taste the difference and I am extremely happy with all my ZeroWater products.

Dan McDonogh

Bio: As one of the most globally recognized fitness professionals, Dan’s passion for health, fitness and sport began as a child and this passion shaped into a full time career as an adult. Dan is currently the Senior Manager of Performance Training for Under Armour based in Portland, OR. In July of 2015, Dan was one of three finalists for ‘Program Director of the Year’ and in 2012, he was awarded the ‘Group Fitness Instructor of the Year’ from IDEA Health and Fitness Association. In 2008, he was recognized as one of Canada's top 10 Personal Trainers.

I have been using the ZeroWater products and I have never tasted such smooth, silky water in my life! That is the best way I can describe it. As an International Fitness Educator, I know the importance of water for our health and the Zero Water products provide what I believe to be the best in class filtration system for your home and on the road.

Ron Zastocki

Bio: Ron Zastocki is a personal trainer at Total Core Fitness In New Jersey. He runs obstacle course races all over the US and is currently ranked in the Top 50 for Spartan Race for the elite men. He represents such brands as Sunrype, Ogio, Must Gear Sports Wipes and Flextone. Follow his races via his social pages.

I love Zero Water, I find myself drinking more water now than I ever have before. Plus, I'm saving money not having to buy cases of water every week. It's great for me and environment, now thats a Win- Win!

Robert Parks Johnson

Bio: Robert Parks Johnson is a trainer at the North Lexington Family YMCA in Lexington, Kentucky. Since winning his battle with Head and Neck cancer in 2010, he has lost 160 pounds, completed 2 marathons, and become a coach with LIVESTRONG at the YMCA, a wellness program that helps cancer survivors to reclaim their lives. Bob is an active blogger, and the editor of Bluegrass Wellness Digest.

As a group exercise instructor, runner, and professional actor, I drink a lot of water during my day. As a cancer survivor, the quality of that water is of particular importance to me. Using ZeroWater tumblers at the gym, and the large counter-top tank at home gives me confidence that the water I'm putting into my body is pure and wholesome. To be honest, I didn't notice a big difference in the taste... that is, until one sleepy morning when I filled my glass with tap water instead. I could taste a clear difference. I can't speak for the science involved, but I can say with certainty that I prefer having ZeroWater in my mouth! I also like the idea of being able to drink purified water without adding empty bottles to the landfills of my beautiful Kentucky.

Sheena Potts

Bio: Sheena Potts has over 15 years experience in the fitness industry. She is Owner of Pure Performance 24 which provides Individualized and Small Group Training to general population, athletes and tactical forces. She is NASM Certified, a Functional Movement Professional and a Level 1 RKC and SFG Kettlebell Instructor.

As a health and fitness professional I not only educate people on the benefits of physical activity but also the necessity to optimally fuel and nourish the body. Water is an essential component of nourishing the body to function at its best. It matters what we put into our bodies! The 5 Stage Filtration System is like nothing else out there. You can be confident that ZeroWater is providing pure, clean and safe drinking water. We not only use ZeroWater at our training facility but also at home with my family. They have products for every need as well....which is great!!

Krystal Yon

Bio: Living a healthy lifestyle has been always important to Krystal. She has been an athlete from adolescence. As an adult, Krystal pursued a culinary degree to appreciate meals and food. She combined fitness and culinary arts as a recipe to develop a healthier lifestyle to promote to others. Today, as the Director of Wellness in her company, Krystal uses her personal training credentials and culinary background to help people acquire healthy habits to change their life.

I have used Zero Water for more than 3 years. Drinking tap water has become somewhat of a gamble these days, but I really like the filtration process of Zero Water. The water tastes clean and I trust the technology behind the product.