Abby Mohammed

Abby Mohammed

Abby Mohammed's Bio

From her early experience as a high school athlete and throughout earning her Bachelors from Northwestern University, not only has Abby been passionate about fitness, but also about learning how to better serve the women in her community. Her quest to bring health and fitness to women influenced her to become a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Abby strives to inspire women to care for their health and bodies, to achieve their fitness goals while still aligning with their modest beliefs.

"I've been lucky enough to try ZeroWater for the first time at an IDEA conference and the pure, fresh taste immediately blew me away! ZeroWater has changed the dynamic of drinking water in our home; not only do we drink more, but it's used daily in our smoothies and even ice making. I'm thankful to the company for taking water purification to a whole new level!"

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