Amanda Christodoulou

Amanda Christodoulou

Amanda Christodoulou is an integrative health practitioner with a global virtual practice. Fitness was her initial introduction to the industry and she has since then been educated through the Chek Institute, Institute of Integrative Nutrition & Sai Ayurvedic Institute. She is a passionate health & wellness influencer on tiktok and Instagram, and the author of Quit Complaining! Solutions to your most common and expensive health complaints.

“Drinking ENOUGH high quality, filtered water is a nonnegotiable in my practice. Whether your goal is weight loss, digestive repair, detoxification or more vibrant skin, you MUST drink enough good water. Tap water on the other hand is a hard no. Most municipalities if not all have contaminants such as heavy metal, chlorine and pharmaceuticals in their water. We must protect ourselves from these harmful toxins.”

- Amanda Christodoulou

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