Clint Fuqua

Clint Fuqua

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I am 25 Year health, wellness, and fitness professional often called "The Health Engineer" because of the detail and structure that goes into the individualized program I create for each client. Previous ventures include educating young trainers, developing nutritional supplements, running a nutritional supplement company, running the strength and conditioning program for a 6-12 grade basketball academy, and authoring 2 books. Currently I write articles for several magazines, am a featured expert in Men's Fitness, produce and host my national radio show, coordinate the corporate wellness program for and train clients at Physiofit Texas, and work with the American Diabetes Associate of North Texas as a diabetes educator and coordinator for the DFW StepOutWalk.

"Water is the second most needed thing for life right behind air while the quality of the water we drink determines our level of health and quality of life. I have been using ZeroWater since the first time I saw it in 2015, read the reviews on it, and then tested it against the current top rated filter I was using to fill my very large water needs for each day. The 5 stage ionic filter is state of the art and the best thing is that after getting all residues out of the water ZeroWater uses BPA free high density plastics so the pure water stays that way. ZeroWater is the clear winner and I have been enjoying the much cleaner water every day in copious amounts just as I advise my clients, radio show audience, and everyone else to do for better health and a better quality of life."

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