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Dawn Lusk

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I am an Integrative Health Practitioner, Certified Clinical Herbalist, and water educator. I work 1:1 with clients and educate followers on Instagram about holistic healing, mind/body practices, functional/integrative movement and of course, water! I found my way to this space through my own chronic illness. My healing journey was aligned completely with my education journey, I took classes to help support myself and now I have been able to share what I have learned with others. Over an 8 year period I have taken 1,800 hours of clinical herbalism training, completed the IHP certification course, become certified in bioenergetics and continued on to become blood chem certified. Water (and transitioning to cleaner water, specifically) has been a huge part of that journey. I am so excited to be partnered with Zero Water to spread the clean water movement! 

"Water is a passion of mine because its an essential part of daily life. Humans are 70% water and our health is intricately related to the quality of water we drink. My goal is to help my clients and followers find water products that work with their budget and goals. Everyone deserves to drink cleaner water!"

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