Dr. La Tina Epps Thomas

Dr. La Tina Epps Thomas

Dr. La Tina Epps Thomas's Bio

LaTina Epps Thomas, ND, EYT is a Naturopathic Doctor, Experienced Certified Yoga Teacher, Corporate Health and Wellness Educator, Writer and Public Speaker. She is the founder of Authentically Living Natural, a successful practice in Memphis, TN. She thrives on using her skills to help support bodies to heal, while also bringing balance and connectivity to lives. Dr. LaTina has garnered acclaim for her success in helping numerous athletes and clients achieve their health goals through healthy lifestyle changes and yoga. Her passion to help others stems from her own struggle with an eating disorder. As a teenager, she fought a long battle with anorexia/bulimia. She won by changing her mindset about herself, and about food while incorporating the healing benefits of yoga. This put her on a path to better health and healing for herself and countless others. Today, Dr. LaTina is a highly sought-after instructor and speaker by numerous fortune 500 companies, while running a thriving telehealth practice. When not practicing yoga or making herbal concoctions, Dr LaTina enjoys traveling the world with her husband and relaxing with her two furry babies Kitty and Max.

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