Emily Woods

Emily Woods

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My name is Emily, I am an ACE certified health coach and the creator and owner of my online health coaching business Emily Woods Wellness. I use this platform to work one-on-one with individuals who are ready to change their lifestyle sustainably through simple nutritional, activity-based, and mental modifications. My holistic approach often begins with hydration techniques and education, a process that has never been easier than when I came across ZeroWater. I personally have never been more hydrated than I am with ZeroWater as my source of water, and the example this sets for my clients is worthwhile beyond measure.

"I could tell the difference between zero water and the "filtered" water from my tap IMMEDIATELY. The neutral taste of ZeroWater has me drinking twice as much as I was before. I find that this water makes better tea, coffee, smoothies, even foods like pasta and quinoa. I'm in love."

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