Joshua Murillo

Joshua Murillo

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I was born and raised in Southern California, where I adopted the love for fitness, outdoors, and veganism back in 2005, at the age of 14. Today I am a very active marathon runner, personal trainer, and nutritionist who is always striving for greatness not only for myself, but for my daughter. We must be that positive role model for future generations to look up to and believe in! Being a multi-champion for various marathons, I am always trying to teach the future generations the true passion, love, and excitement that physical fitness can bring. Combining this and vegan nutrition, I am a true health fanatic that looks for the cleanest, healthiest, and enjoyable aspects that our world has to offer. I am currently creating personal training programs for all levels, providing nutrition to those who wish to make a better diet for themselves regardless if it is vegan or not, and competing in marathons and triathlons.

"I love using ZeroWater products! Always being on the go whether it is camping, running, training, traveling, the gym, or even just on a normal day, ZeroWater is extremely useful in making sure I get the cleanest and best water possible! I always have my on the go tumbler and water quality meter with me. Their products are compact making it easy to take with you anywhere you go!"

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