Julie Haynes

Julie Haynes

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I am a certified personal trainer of 6 years. My passion is helping others. I had a boot camp class at a gym before covid but it closed down. I now train online with my clients and couldn’t be happier as I get to reach more people and help. I’m also a RYT-500 (registered yoga teacher of 500 hours). I got into yoga after being in two car accidents and my back was needing surgery. I healed my own back through yoga. I teach others how to practice self care and self love with yoga. I homeschool my child and work with many companies as their social media marketing manager. Right now I’m taking classes on nutrition so I can be certified to help others with food choices! 

"I am so glad I get to team up with ZeroWater! I see all these young kids drinking energy drinks and it scares me. I try to get all the information I can about water out there. It’s an essential part of everyone. We need clean water. I have been using ZeroWater for a year now (since I found it). I trust they have my back with clean water. That is was I agreed to team up with them."

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