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Katie Advocat

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I’m a professional private personal trainer certified with several personal training certificates including NCSF, pre/post-natal exercise, and yoga. I have an MA in Community Health Education, I’m a Certified Health Education Specialist, and I was a professional dancer and dance teacher for years. My sessions combine my passion for fitness, health education, nutrition, mental health, and wellness counseling. I provide personal training (weight loss, strength training, relaxation techniques, and body building), yoga, nutrition and fitness assessments, health education, health and wellness counseling, and mental health guidance. I became a personal trainer because I wanted to share my passion for health and fitness with others. To me, fitness is a way of living. I love to help others understand what it is to have a healthier lifestyle. Instead of following a temporary diet (fad), I believe a person will have a huge transformation if they make a realistic change on how they view exercise and food which will therefore lead to a permanent, healthier lifestyle

"I use ZeroWater as my main source of water. The water from ZeroWater always comes measures to 000. When assessing the water from my faucet, I was in such a shock to see the number was the 40s. The taste has also improved since I started using ZeroWater. I’ve created a routine of reusing my BPA-free bottles by properly washing them, filling them up with ZeroWater, and storing them in my fridge. I always have a cold bottle of fresh, filtered water to grab before I start my day of sessions. I also use ZeroWater to make fruit smoothies and protein shakes. I always rave about ZeroWater to my clients."

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