Kurt Keiser

Kurt Keiser

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I'm a former competitive OCR racer now turned CrossFit athlete. Due to a knee injury 2 years ago, I was not able to run or train how I normally did. I turned to CrossFit as a way to continue my training for my races. Little did I know I would grow to love that sport more than I did running. It was the best decision I ever made to change my focus. Within the CrossFit world I train in various fitness categories so its never the same. I give my training 100% of my focus always because I never want to look back at a session and say, "I could have done better". My determination and my calculated decision making are my biggest strengths in my training and in life.

"ZeroWater makes it easy for my body to get the hydration it needs. As a person who watches every ingredient that goes into his body, ZeroWater gives me the peace of mind that I'm getting the best tasting and purest water out there. I have gone from buying multiple cases of water every week to now buying none....because of ZeroWater!"

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