Lindsay Middleton

Lindsay Middleton

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My passion for health and wellness started at a very young age. It was amazing to me the difference I could feel when I took care of my body. I enjoyed working out, eating clean and drinking water. I as I got older it became apparent to me that others didn’t know or didn’t have the right resources to learn about how to take care of themselves, this is when I decided to create my online wellness community! For the past 3 years I have enjoyed helping others make positive changes in their life. 

"I believe people are starting to become more aware of how important water is for our bodies to function at it best. We still have a lot of opportunity to educate everyone on the importance of the quality of water we put in our bodies. This is why I am very excited to be partnering with Zero Water! I have had a Zero Water for the past 2 years and used it daily as well now all of my family uses ZeroWater."

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