Lynn Wagner

Lynn Wagner

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I'm a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition consultant, general health and fitness lover and advocate. I enjoy bodybuilding weight lifting, and I've also ran many road and trail races ranging from 5k to marathon distances. I train individuals based on their goals whether it be to be a short or long distance runner, or powerlifting and anything in between. I also advise clients on nutritional needs, and how to cook and prepare meals with their goals in mind. My other hobbies include traveling and camping in my RV with my husband and 2 rescue dogs.

"I first came across Zero Water after my husband got lead poisoning from his job while on the road. He was getting better over time, but our trust in public water had been destroyed. After researching water filters and reading the labels, and learning most only filtered out sediment and odors. That is until I came across Zero Water! That day I purchased 2 tumblers, a pitcher for our home, and a pitcher for our camper. The taste is phenomenal, and we feel safe knowing our water is pure and certified to remove heavy metals, like lead. My tumbler is always with me at the gym while I train myself, and my clients."

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