Monica Flores

Monica Flores

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I am a professional soccer player for Valencia FC in Spain, and a member of the Mexican National Team. I am also a fitness and health junkie. I was born and raised in New Jersey. I played soccer from a very young age, and continue to play soccer at the collegiate level, for the University of Notre Dame. I have also been involved with the Mexican National Team since age 19 (I have dual citizenship). As a member of the Mexican National team, I have competed in the U20 World Cup qualifiers, the U20 World Cup, the Full National Team Pre-Olympic Qualifiers in 2016, and the World Cup Qualifiers in 2018. I have also participated in many friendly tournaments with the Mexican National Team around the world (Turkey, China, New Zealand, Costa Rica, and France to name a few). I recently just signed my first professional contract, and now play for Valencia FC in Spain. We play in the first division of the Spanish league (La Liga Iberdrola). While playing here in Spain, I have buried my head in books, lectures, docu-series and podcasts on Integrative Medicine and Wellbeing. I am currently taking a course and on track to becoming an Integrative Health Practitioner in the next month. I hope to continue playing soccer at the highest level for as long as my body allows me too. After my soccer career, I hope to continue to pursue my passions involving Integrative Medicine, Functional Medicine, Health, Food, and Wellness.

"I am so excited to team up with Zero Water, as I know that adding clean water to our lives is essential. Today our waters are contaminated with toxins and chemicals. Hydration is key for me (and everyone), and with ZeroWater I can be assured I can continue to give my body the fluids needed to live, compete, and recover, in the highest quality possible."

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