Natasha Hopkins

Natasha Hopkins

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Natasha’s passion for fitness has evolved through her personal journey of finding balance through a busy life filled with raising two boys, lots of relocating courtesy of the military and working from home. She discovered that in order for all facets of her life to flow, she needed to find balance. It quickly became apparent that making the time for healthy eating and fitness habits created an environment that nurtured the best version of herself. Healthy habits developed around fitness, nutrition and over all wellbeing is a part of the journey to discover that best version of yourself and it is Natasha’s primary goal to support and motivate each of her clients along the way. She is a proponent of functional movement; Move better to Feel better! Through teaching, mentoring and motivating, Natasha is a certified personal trainer who excels at helping women whether they are just starting or have already begun their fitness journey to create lasting healthy habits.

"I have been using my ZeroWater tumbler for the past two weeks. I take it everywhere and love it! Love having it at the gym where there is not filtered water!"

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