Nic Hodges

Nic Hodges

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Nicol Hodges is a running and fitness trainer living in San Diego, California. Hodges' athletic background started in the state of Missouri where she was ranked as one of the top 400 meter runners in the state and later nationwide while running for the University of MO, Columbia. Hodges continues her love for running by competing in local and national events.

"Since I am a trainer and instructor, there are days when I am at different gyms and locations. I am drinking water all day and many times, not sure if my water is clean and pure unless store bought. With ZeroWater, I can be ANYWHERE, fill up my Zerowater tumbler and know that my water has been cleaned, purified and ready for me to drink. I can definitely taste the difference and feel more confident when drinking my water at home, the gym or at the park for my boot camps. Having said that, the first thing that sold me on the product was how easy it was to put the product together. I have a Zero Water filter unit in my bathroom and kitchen. I use it all the time and again, easy to assemble and use. I can taste the difference and I am extremely happy with all my ZeroWater products."

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