Paige Klingensmith

Paige Klingensmith

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I am a personal trainer and boot camp instructor by profession, with an ACE Personal Training Certification and a Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences. Functional exercise and healthy eating have been passions of mine for years and I absolutely love sharing information with others. I am always looking for new ways to train, so I most recently got involved with acro yoga and ninja warrior training. I am always changing things up, looking to challenge my body in different ways so that I am continually learning.

"As a fitness professional, I am continually hydrating my body but I absolutely hate creating a bunch of waste and using single-use plastic, plus many bottled waters really aren't any better than regular old tap water, which makes me so happy to have found ZeroWater! I mean, who doesn't like reducing waste, and having clean, safe water to drink?"

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