Seb Cam

Seb Cam

Seb Cam is a fruitarian ultra-endurance athlete running around the World. The journey truly begins with feeling sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, wondering "Why do people get sick?" The unexpected answer was switching from dead cooked foods and tap-water to detoxification using a low-fat, high-carb, fruit-based meals and drinking zero-water. Cleansing the body this way since 2008 has resulted in relentless energy, focus and clarity to pursue a life-long dream; to run around the world. It's not a race, the goal to enjoy the journey. This adventure is unsupported, unsponsored, unrestricted, and rather unreasonable! Seb will be running west 20-50 miles per day (approx. 100miles per week) carrying everything required for survival in a 35lb minimalistic utility belt. When asked "Why are you running?" His answer is...because I can.

“After obsessive research into the cleanest water choices (around year 2010) I switched from tap to spring, the from spring to distilled water. I was telling everyone who would listen in my friends, family and YouTube audience to buy a distiller. I bought multiple distillers for people and have owned 6 in my lifetime! As a health coach professional, speaker, coach and influencer I always said, "no filter can match distilled water at 0ppm" and I used TDS meters to prove my point and highlight that bottled water was not a clean solution. So, when I discovered ZeroWater I was shocked and super impressed, and immediately recognized that it speaks volumes about their confidence to sell their products with a TDS meter -- something the over-hyped "Brita Filter would never ever do!” (Cringe!)  What I LOVE about ZeroWater is that it requires no electricity (vs. water distiller) and this advantage allows it to be useful on the road, VanLife, etc. Also, it's faster than waiting 4hours for 4Litres from a distiller and it doesn't make the room temperature hot!”

- Seb Cam

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