Shannon Arner

Shannon Arner

Being a fitness advocate fell into my lap. During my transition from owning a business, working 24/7, experiencing a ton of burnout, and inevitably having a major lifestyle change, I started a blog about our downsizing and overall journey to a better life. After making the change to live smaller, with more intention, I began eating healthier, walking all the time, exercising, and of course, drinking more water. In the process, without the overt intention, I lost 70 pounds. I have kept it off. I attribute this to my mindset and changing the way I live.

My wellness journey garnered much interest, and built our community, even our podcast community, to learn more about our fitness. I call it my mental and physical fitness. I now blog about this, and my daily practices, and have an upcoming workshop where I have daily challenges to make a better life for yourself. My fitness includes activities that anyone can include in their life, not having a gym, or exercise equipment, but rather, using the outdoors and what is near you: walking, yoga, stretching, riding bikes, swimming in a natural body of water (or pool if you have one), etc. It is more attainable, and the outdoors provides so many benefits to wellness.

I know the benefits of water. Not only consuming it but being near and in it. I sold almost everything a few years ago to live by the ocean. My wellness improved, not just physically, but mentally. I did not know about Zerowater until I moved to the coast. I have the typical "beach water" that has an awful taste and wanted to reduce my waste, and not buy plastic bottles all the time. So upon researching, I found Zerowater. I have been loyal customers ever since and even conducted my own study to see if the cost factor was more positive or negative than buying plastic gallons of water. At the end of the study, I found that with the amount of water I consume, Zerowater was more cost-effective than buying gallons of water, or even the water dispenser to keep in your home and refill (also plastic).

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