Sheena Potts

Sheena Potts

Sheena Potts's Bio

Sheena Potts has over 15 years experience in the fitness industry. She is Owner of Pure Performance 24 which provides Individualized and Small Group Training to general population, athletes and tactical forces. She is NASM Certified, a Functional Movement Professional and a Level 1 RKC and SFG Kettlebell Instructor.

"As a health and fitness professional I not only educate people on the benefits of physical activity but also the necessity to optimally fuel and nourish the body. Water is an essential component of nourishing the body to function at its best. It matters what we put into our bodies! The 5 Stage Filtration System is like nothing else out there. You can be confident that ZeroWater is providing pure, clean and safe drinking water. We not only use ZeroWater at our training facility but also at home with my family. They have products for every need as well....which is great!!"

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