Shirley Rubin

Shirley Rubin

Shirley Rubin's Bio

Shirley began her fitness career as an instructor and a personal trainer in 2001, teaching at several gym facilities in the LA and Orange County Area. Shirley holds many certifications and a variety of formats which she has been instructing. Some of these are Turbo Kick Boxing, Weight Training, RIPPED, Jillian Michaels Body Shred, Country Line Dancing, Silver Sneakers senior Fitness, Mat Pilates, and Strong Board Balance Certified Trainer. She was featured in a few Workout videos. In March 2015 Shirley competed in her first Muscle Contest as a Bikini competitor and placed in two of the categories she competed in. In 2006 Shirley created her own Fitness and Life Coaching business. It is her passion to improve people’s health and fitness level, and she is proud to be a Transformational Coach, who inspires people to live a life of happiness, health and abundance.

"I tried ZeroWater at the Fitness Conference I attended this past June 2019 and I loved it!"

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