Stacey Hernandez

Stacey Hernandez

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My name is Stacey Hernandez, growing up I always enjoyed sports and running. After having 3 children, I never thought I can workout like I used to. I can now say as a wife and mom of 3, I am in the best shape and stronger then I have ever been before. I started doing competitive Spartan races with my husband. This past year I took 9 podium finishes and was invited to compete in the Spartan North American Championship in West Virginia where I took a 2nd place. I ended my season as a Spartan 2nd place Age Group Mountain Series Champion. I have promised to help make not only my family, but others healthier, stronger and happier. This year my children finished their first Spartan Trifecta and with that my husband and I started an OCR team for our local High School and are proud to be their coaches and help come along side of the future of fitness. My fitness journey isn’t about all the podiums I can accomplish but about all the people I can help along the way, making healthy habits and incorporating fitness to set goals they didn’t think they can achieve. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

"Since receiving my ZeroWater pitcher, it has changed the way my family drinks water at home! It is important that myself and my family are putting what’s best for us in our bodies, I am confident that our ZeroWater filter helps us not only drink more water, but the purest water possible."

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