Stacia Irwin

Stacia Irwin

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Stacia holds 2 Personal Trainer Certifications, is Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach and is Certified as a Functional Aging Specialist. She is the Owner of 2BFit Functional Fitness Studio in Elizabethtown PA, and 2Bfit Certified Personal Training LLC. She specializes in Older Adult Fitness helping them overcome some of the challenges that come with advancing age so they can continue to lead vital active lives. She also provides individual and small group training as well as nutrition coaching, to adults looking to improve their health and fitness.

"I used to use another commercial water filter but I learned it only removes 1/2 of the impurities that the ZeroWater does. I want to do everything I can to give my body what it needs and limit the things that harm it. That is why I am so impressed with Zero Water."

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