Wendy Krause

Wendy Krause

It wasn't until post college I realized the importance of movement and taking care of oneself. I turned to running, which supported my mental and physical well being. Eventually having two kiddos required me to reset some of my ongoing run goals. With a few pivots and pauses on run goals, I can officially call myself a Boston qualifier, trail runner and now an ultra runner. My favorite distance used to be a half marathon but as seasons of life change I have to admit that a 50 mile ultra sure is fun.

“As an active athlete, runner, endurance junkie putting my body through extremes means keeping tabs on how my body adapts and performs. Dealing with GI issues & migraines had me taking a close look at the most basic need, water. Shortly after testing local water, I was shocked to see it has some of the highest TDS levels. I knew I had to take immediate action and it started with cleaner drinking water and utilizing a zerowater pitcher. I’m so grateful to have the first to many steps in our household journey to heal from the inside out. On top of that the taste is pure and clean giving me peace of mind to focus on other areas of my health as an athlete all while staying hydrated.”

- Wendy Krause

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