15 Holiday Gifts Your Family Will Love

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The holiday season is a joyful time of year filled with cups of hot cocoa by the fire, festive gatherings, and large feasts. And, of course, gifts! Giving gifts to people you love and care about is a wonderful way to connect with them, but finding a gift they’ll truly adore can be tricky. Your mom might relish a set of exciting teas, while your sister might appreciate a compact water filter that fits in her dorm room and gives her 24/7 access to fresh, pure-tasting water. 

It’s never too early to kick off this year’s holiday shopping spree. Read this list and discover creative, interesting gift ideas for the important people in your life. 

  1. For the Hydration Fanatic:  Premium 5 Stage Filtration Starter Packs 
  2. For the ZeroWater Lover: Premium 5-stage Filter Subscription 
  3. For the Student: 6 Cup 5-stage water Filtration Starter Pack
  4. For the Family: 30 Cup 5-stage water Filtration Starter Pack + Crane Humidifier 
  5. For the Small Business Warrior: Oasis Cooler + 5-Stage Water Cooler Filtration System 
  6. For the Coffee Connoisseur: Mizudashi Coffee Maker + 20 Cup 5-stage Ready-Pour Water Filtration Dispenser
  7. For the Tea Lover: August Uncommon Tea + 12 Cup 5-stage Ready-Pour Water Filtration Pitcher
  8. For the Chef/Baker: KitchenAid Stand Mixer + ExtremeLife™ Faucet Mount Water Filter
  9. For the Influencer/Instagrammer: 40 Cup Glass 5-stage Water Filtration Dispenser
  10. For the Eco-Friendly: EcoFilter by ZeroWater 10 Cup Pitcher
  11. For the Beauty Fanatic: Wall-Mounted Chrome Filter Shower Head by Culligan
  12. For the Road Warrior: Culligan RV Pre-Tank Exterior Filter System
  13. For the Health-Conscious: Binto Glow Getter Starter Kit + 10 Cup 5-stage Ready-Pour Water Filtration Pitcher
  14. For the Gym Buff: Nuzest Protein Powder + 10 Cup 5-stage Ready-Pour Water Filtration Pitcher
  15. For People on the Go: 24oz Standard Mouth HydroFlask + 10 Cup 5-stage Ready-Pour Round Water Filtration Pitcher 


    1. For the Hydration Fanatic: 5-Stage Water Filtration Starter Packs

      Most of us have a friend or family member who only drinks water. Give them the gift of the purest-tasting water with our 5-stage filtration starter pack. Whether you choose the space-saving, six-cup pitcher perfect for your friend with the tiny house or the 30-cup dispenser ideal for your aunt with three kids at home, you can tailor the subscription that makes the most sense for you.

      2.For the ZeroWater Lover: 5-Stage Water Filter Subscription

        Have someone in your life who’s already a huge ZeroWater fan? Give them the filters they love at a discount! A ZeroWater replacement filter subscription will set your friend up with regular shipments of our premium 5-stage filters. If they fall in love with the convenience of never having to remember to order new water filters, they can continue the subscription on their own with up to a 13% discount.

        3. For the Student: 6 Cup 5-Stage Water Filtration Starter Pack

        Students can hydrate with delicious, pure-tasting water in their dorm rooms with our 6-cup 5-stage water filtration starter pack. The pitcher is compact enough to easily fit on a small desktop or counter but still offers the same filtration benefits as larger models. 


        4. For the Family: 30 Cup 5-Stage Water Filtration Starter Pack + Crane Humidifier 

          Celebrate your family’s health by gifting them with our 30-cup 5-stage water filtration starter pack. The large pitcher holds enough water for the family but still fits easily in your refrigerator. The starter pack includes a two-filter replacement pack, so you’ll have pure-tasting water for even longer. 

          You can add to your family’s well being even more with a Crane humidifier. It will spread moisture throughout your home and help soothe your skin. To take advantage of your humidifier, fill it with filtered water from your pitcher. Our 5-stage filter reduces 99.6% of dissolved solids, including lead and other heavy metals, so your humidifier will use fresh water. 


          5. For the Small Business Warrior: Oasis Cooler + 5-Stage Water Cooler Filtration System 

            Nothing’s more delicious than a crisp, pure-tasting glass of water when you’re working hard. Gift the small business warrior in your life with an Oasis water cooler paired with our 5-gallon water cooler filtration system. Using our filtered water cooler system is a great alternative to using heavy water cooler bottles. 

            You can make the gift even better by adding a filter subscription. Pay for two replacement filter shipments, and you can cancel whenever you want for free. Just make sure you tell the recipient when the subscription’s ending so they can take over. 

            Get $8 OFF Our Water Cooler Filtration System using code: DEALDAYCOOLER

            6.For the Coffee Connoisseur: Mizudashi Coffee Maker + 20 Cup 5-Stage Ready-Pour Water Filter Dispenser

            You don’t need fancy equipment to make the perfect cup of joe. Keep it simple and gift the coffee connoisseur with a Mizudashi Coffee Maker. They’ll be able to make mouthwatering cold-brewed coffee at home. 

            Of course, water significantly affects coffee’s taste, so you can make this gift even more useful by adding our 20-cup Ready-Pour water filter dispenser and filter subscription. That way, your friend can use the purest-tasting water for their morning cup of coffee. 


            7. For the Tea Lover: August Uncommon Tea + 12 Cup 5-Stage Ready-Pour Water Filtration Pitcher

            Cozying up in bed with a warm cup of tea on a winter night is an iconic holiday activity. The scene becomes even more comfortable when you use high-quality, great-tasting tea. Even the pickiest tea lovers will appreciate August Uncommon Tea for its bold, creative flavors. 

            Fresh water is essential when making tea, so a premium water filter is a perfect accompaniment to this gift. Our 12-cup 5-Stage Ready-Pour water filtration pitcher is convenient because it holds 96oz of water and is outfitted with a “Quick Fill” spigot and Ready-Pour® feature for easy access to great-tasting water. The recipient of this gift is sure to love our beloved Ready-Pour feature, which allows users to dispense pure-tasting water as the reservoir continues to filter. 


            8. For the Chef/Baker: KitchenAid Stand Mixer + ExtremeLife™ Faucet Mount Water Filter

            Every home chef wants to cook, clean, drink and bake with great-tasting filtered water straight from the sink. That’s why the foodies in your life will love both a premium stand mixer and our faucet mount water filter. The mixer lets you whip up delectable treats with ease, while the ExtremeLife faucet mount will make those treats taste even more delicious because you’re using the best-tasting water possible. This deluxe faucet filter is Water Quality Association certified to reduce PFOA/PFOS, chlorine and particulates class I - like tiny bits of sand and dirt. Built with carbon filter technology, the ExtremeLife faucet filter will last up to 400 gallons, or six months. 

            10. For the Influencer/Instagrammer: 40 Cup 5-Stage Glass Water Filtration Dispenser

              Everything in an influencer’s world needs to look great, even their water filter. Our 40-cup glass water dispenser with its sleek stainless steel base is aesthetically pleasing and can be proudly displayed on any countertop. Pure-tasting water is guaranteed, as this dispenser is made with ZeroWater’s 5-stage filtration system. A water filter subscription will help your influencer friend keep fresh filters on hand, so their water dispenser remains as useful as it is beautiful. 

              10. For the Eco-Friendly: EcoFilter by ZeroWater 10 Cup Pitcher

                A great gift can make someone feel good about themselves and the world. Our EcoFilter 10-cup pitcher is better for the environment than the typical water filter because its no plastic filter shell means it produces less waste.This pitcher would be particularly useful for someone who lives near a water source with a high chlorine level because it’s NSF-certified to simply reduce chlorine. The eco-filter doesn’t produce water with zero total dissolved solids (TDS), but it does produce filtered water that’s free from a heavy chlorine taste and odor. 

                Get $8 OFF Our EcoPitcher using code: DEALDAYECO


                11. For the Beauty Fanatic: Wall-Mounted Chrome Filter Shower Head by Culligan

                  Who doesn’t want soft, supple skin and luscious hair? Our wall-mounted chrome filter shower head by Culligan reduces the chlorine streaming out of your shower, leaving you with skin that’s less dried out. Anyone can use this gift, but it’ll be especially appreciated by people who love beauty routines that focus on their skin. 

                  Get 10% OFF Shower Devices using code: DEALDAYSHOWER


                  12. For the Road Warrior: Culligan RV Pre-Tank Exterior Filter System

                    Finding gifts for men is easier if you focus on what makes them happy. For the van life hero or road warrior, think about gifts that can accompany them on their travels. The Culligan RV filter system allows you to enjoy filtered water on the go in your RV. Whether you’re deep in the desert or high in the mountains, you can enjoy the benefits of great-tasting water. 


                    13. For the Health-Conscious: Binto Glow Getter Starter Kit + 10 Cup 5-Stage Ready-Pour Water Filtration Pitcher

                    Gifts for women often focus on total-body wellness. Binto health supplements were created specifically for women. These supplements promote physical and mental health during menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. 

                    Add our 10-cup, 5-stage water filtration pitcher to your friend’s gift, and they can take their supplements with the purest-tasting water available. 


                    14. For the Gym Buff: Nuzest Protein Powder + 10 Cup 5-Stage Ready-Pour Water Filtration Pitcher

                      For the man who hits the gym multiples times a week, protein is everything. Help him improve his workout with Nuzest’s plant-based protein powder. Since he’s going to mix this protein powder with water, our 10-cup, 5-stage water filtration pitcher with Ready-Pour technology would be extremely helpful. This would give the man in your life the purest-tasting drinking water possible to make his protein smoothie with.

                      Get 20% off with coupon code: Zero20

                      If you want to make sure that he always has fresh water on hand, get him a filter subscription, so he never runs out. 


                      15. For People on the Go: 24oz Standard Mouth HydroFlask + 10 Cup 5-Stage Ready-Pour Round Water Filtration Pitcher  

                      Do you have a friend who’s always on the move? There’s a good chance they’ll like a HydroFlask water bottle. The 24oz standard mouth version is the perfect size to carry around and is so well-insulated your drinks can stay cold or warm for hours. Include ZeroWater’s 10-cup 5-stage round water filtration pitcher to make this the ideal gift. The 5-stage filtration system means your friend can fill up their bottle with delicious-tasting water before they head out. 

                      When it comes to finding holiday gifts that your family and friends will love, great-tasting water is one of the few things that everyone you know can appreciate. A premium water filter is a gift most people can use every day.

                      Get $8 OFF Our 10Cup Round using code: DEALDAY10CUPR

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