4 Unexpected Benefits of Filtered Water

4 Unexpected Benefits of Filtered Water

It’s a no-brainer that filtered water can be good for human wellbeing and enjoyment. Our 5-stage filtration devices remove virtually all total dissolved solids (TDS) leaving nothing but purer-tasting water behind. That can translate to you and your family finally enjoying the taste and experience of your water in whole new ways.

But outside of human wellbeing, are there other benefits of filtered water that are lesser known? In today’s article, we’ll explore five unexpected benefits of filtered water for your pets, plants, and more! Plus, check out our latest review on Honest Brand Reviews to learn more about the benefits of ZeroWater.

Filtered water can make coffee and tea taste better

Believe it or not, you can make your coffee or tea taste leaps and bounds better by using filtered water instead. Salts, metals, and minerals in the tap can leave your favorite warm beverages with an unpleasant metallic taste. That’s why picking up a 5-stage filtration device that removes 99.6% of TDS and reduces lead, chromium, and PFO/PFOAs can make your beverages taste way more delicious. Say goodbye to salts and metals floating around in your morning coffee and hello to delicious drinks all day, every day.

Filtered water keeps appliances and cookware in good shape

Metals, salts, and minerals in water can build up over time and slowly chip away at your appliances and cookware. Minerals like calcium and magnesium, commonly found in hard water, combine to create calcium carbonate which can lead to limescale forming over your tea kettle, coffee maker, pots, or pans. The result is hard-to-remove build-up that can cost you financially and environmentally. No one wants to throw away appliances prematurely, so doing everything you can to keep them in tip-top shape should be a top priority. That’s where filtered water comes in. 5-stage filters remove the elements that can damage your housewares and help ensure they last longer and work like new.

Filtered water keeps pets healthy and happy

You might be surprised to know that water affects animal health just as much as human health. Your pets are sensitive to excessive amounts of salts, metals, and minerals like we are, and reducing the presence of these elements in your pet’s drinking bowl is a good investment in their wellbeing. In fact, one study found a link between hard water (water that’s high in mineral content) consumption and urinary tract diseases in some pets. That risk is reason enough for us to pick up filtered water instead. You may already filter water for your family’s hydration needs, so why not extend the love to your pet?

Filtered water keeps plants growing

We think of plants as living creatures that can withstand many types of environmental conditions, but one element that can greatly affect their growth and development is water. Plants are very sensitive to elements like fluoride which, in excess, can build up in a plant’s tissues and inhibit photosynthesis, thus leading to a yellowing of the leaves due to a lack of chlorophyll.

On top of that, water softeners with large amounts of sodium can also be toxic to plants. They’re added to municipal taps to help balance out the minerals in hard water. However, high levels of sodium do not foster optimal plant growth so reducing your plants’ exposure to too many minerals and opting for a 5-stage filtration device instead can be a good choice.

Keep your plants, pets, and appliances in good shape with filtered water

It all boils down to opting for a high-powered filtration device to remove the TDS and other unwanted elements from your water to support your plants, pets, and appliances. Our 5-stage filters effectively remove virtually all dissolved solids and are the only pour-through filters certified by NSF to reduce lead, chromium, and forever chemicals like PFO/PFOAs from water. The result is purer-tasting water the whole family (pets included) will enjoy.

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