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ExtremeLife Faucet Mount | ZeroWater Water Filter

After much anticipation, ZeroWater is excited to announce the release of its latest water filtration product, the ExtremeLife Faucet Mount. In addition to having a smooth and minimalist aesthetic that’s sure to fit any house, office, or building, the ExtremeLife Faucet Mount brings many advantages when it comes to delivering the purest tasting water.

WQA Certification

The Water Quality Association (WQA), which is the authority for certifying water filtration products, wants to see that each product they certify has been “formulated from safe materials, the claims listed on the packaging are backed by test data, and the product will hold up under normal usage conditions.” 

ZeroWater is proud to have the certification and endorsement of the WQA for our newly minted ZeroWater Faucet Mount because above all else, delivering pure-tasting water that is safe for consumption is our core mission. Specifically, we are the first and only so far that the WQA has certified to reduce PFOA/PFOS, chlorine, and other Class I particulates which can be harmful if left untreated. Additionally, this product reduces a big contaminant concern for many people and one that ZeroWater has always been at the forefront for reducing, Lead. This contaminant is reduced up to 400 gallons which was tested by a 3rd party lab certified to meet the minimum reduction requirements for both 6.5 and 8.5pH. While this product can remove various contaminants the filter technology was not made to remove 100% of the total dissolved solids from your water.

A mission of our team is to ensure that our water filtration products are also reducing more than 98% of lead, which is the required level for delivering safe drinking water.

ZeroWater Faucet Mount: Product Specifications

Our customers will feel confident knowing that their drinking water has been filtered by the ZeroWater Faucet Mount based on the endorsement of the WQA. This certification is our highest priority.

With that being said, customers can feel even better knowing that this WQA-certified product is also delivering never-before-seen efficiency when it comes to the water filtration specifications this unique faucet mount delivers. This includes:

    • A 6-month or 400-gallon filtration capability, compared to the 100-gallon rating of most leading brands. This is why we’ve selected the name ExtremeLife to represent this product line.
    • Easily connects directly to your faucet.
  • Please note that this product does not fit drip-down faucets
      • 2-year warranty
      • Filter life indicator, which will let you know when it’s time for a filter replacement.
      • Easy to install, and requires no additional tools for installation.


      If we had to give our two cents on it, we are incredibly proud to have three key elements that make this product stand out from its competitors.

      1. It has been given a WQA certification, the first to be certified for PFOA/PFOS.
      2. It possesses unique, and never-before-seen longevity highlighted by a 400-gallon rating.
      3. Its minimalist approach with a chrome and white option carries an aesthetic range that makes it look great in any setting.

      Interested customers can purchase the ZeroWater Chrome or White Faucet mount here.

      Don’t settle for anything less than the best. At ZeroWater, we consider all factors when we create a new product. Between the look, efficiency, and safety of our Faucet Mount, we believe we are the leader in creating the next step forward in water filtration technology!

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