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By now our customers understand ZeroWater’s fervent commitment to providing homes and offices with purer-tasting drinking water. Now, we’re excited to announce that we’re expanding into filtered showerheads and shower filter cartridge replacements so that all of the water in our customer’s life is ZeroWater quality.

ZeroWater is proud to be a partner with Culligan to bring their sleek, dynamic, and environmentally-friendly showerheads and showerhead filters to our product line. Specifically, we are partnering with Culligan to bring the following products to market through ZeroWater:

Finding ways to bring better water into our customer’s lives remains our core mission, and we’re beyond ecstatic to incorporate this new product line into the ZeroWater family. These two chrome finish, filtered showerhead styles above will look good in any bathroom and provide a better shower with cleaner water.

ZeroWater takes its partnerships seriously because we know how important water is not only for drinking but for cleaning as well. In addition, the Culligan showerhead models are water-conscious and meet the EPA’s WaterSense standard for flow rate which should not exceed 1.8 gallons per minute (GPM). We support these products 100% and encourage everyone to keep reading and see how each of these products live up to the ZeroWater standard of providing superior water filtration.

Culligan Shower Heads sold by ZeroWater | ZeroWater Water Filters

The Hand-Held Showerhead With Magnetic Base and Showerhead Filter

The Culligan hand-held showerhead with a magnetic base is the perfect blend of style and function. With five different settings like full-body, soft rain, invigorating pulse, full-body + rain, and full-body + pulse there is a setting everyone can enjoy based on their preferences. 

More importantly, the built-in shower head filter provides tremendous value to a user’s health. These include:

  • Refreshing shower experience by reducing harsh chlorine levels and reducing impurities within water that can damage hair follicles which result in a dry, itchy scalp and rough, dry skin.
    • Always remember that showering with cleaner, filtered water will result in softer hair and smoother skin.
  • Cleaner shower stall by reducing scale build-up, making cleaning day easier because of less mess created by cleaner water.

The showerhead itself comes equipped with an innovative and convenient magnetic base and a no-tools-needed assembly kit, making it easy for each customer to install the product themselves. In addition to a magnetic base, the 4.5-foot metal hose that comes standard with this product makes it easy for users to get those “hard-to-reach” places. Even if you manage to get shampoo in your eye, the magnetic base makes it easier to retrieve and replace your showerhead without even needing to see! We like to think we thought of every scenario with this product.

The Wall-Mount Chrome Filtered Showerhead

As the name suggests, the Culligan wall mount chrome filter is a fixed showerhead, making it different from its hand-held counterpart which contains a hose feature.

However, this cost-effective showerhead packs a punch! Much like its hosed counterpart, this showerhead reduces sulfur, scale, and chlorine making the water purity indistinguishable from the hosed version.

Many customers use these items in tandem, so they can use either showerhead when appropriate, or as needed. However, some customers only like to commit to the wall-mount for starters, which offers unique advantages in and of itself:

  • This product is easy to install, requires no tools, and fits the standard ½ inch threaded shower arm.
  • This product also includes the same replacement cartridge which provides users with 10,000 gallons (6-months on average) of clean, fresh water before needing a cartridge replacement.

The Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge

This product works in tandem with the showerhead product previously described, and what a game-changer this replacement cartridge will be...

Customers who buy a new Culligan showerhead can look forward to each shower filter being certified by IAPMO to NSF standard 177 for up to 10,000 gallons, or about 6 months of use. This means customers only have to change their filter once per year. Furthermore, the Culligan shower filter cartridge is designed for use in all Culligan showerhead products, and inline shower filter system models.

This cost-effective product does a lot of heavy lifting. For starters, it reduces chlorine, sulfur odor, and scale, which are contaminants that can irritate the skin and scalp, and lead to chlorine inhalation. Reducing the scale residue on their shower stall or skin makes for a more refreshing shower experience. If the scale created by your current showerhead is making the bathroom dirty, which by our understanding is the opposite of what a shower is supposed to do, then Culligan products can help provide a more refreshing shower by reducing these various impurities.

ZeroWater: Now Offering Showerhead Filters

ZeroWater’s partnership with Culligan shows an evolution of our brand that focuses on our customers first. We believe in clean water in all aspects of our lives, and so we jumped at the opportunity to add a showerhead product to our line that filters water to our standards.

So whether you’re a shower singer, shower dancer, or shower thinker you can look forward to doing it in style with these efficient, safe, and quality products from Culligan through ZeroWater.

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