5-Stage Water Filter by ZeroWater® Remove the Most Dissolved Solids of Any Water Filter Pitcher

After testing competing filters, the 5-stage water filter by ZeroWater® was the only drinking water filter that removed 99.6% of Total Dissolved Solids in filtered water.

*Total Dissolved Solids ('TDS') are organic and inorganic materials, such as metals, minerals, salts, and ions dissolved in water. TDS can affect the taste and appearance of water.

TDS Comparison Chart | ZeroWater Water Filter

*3rd Party Certified Lab Results: 5 Gallons of Water at a TDS Level of 240. Influent water TDS level of 240PPM prior to filtration, results shown are after 2 gallons of water filtered.

Premium 5-Stage Water Filtration System

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The 5-Stage Filter by ZeroWater® Delivers the Purest Tasting Water

The 5-stage water filters by ZeroWater® remove 99.6% of Total Dissolved Solids, transforming tap water into the purest tasting filtered water.

Reduces Lead, Chromium and Other Heavy Metals

Independently NSF Certified

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People Love ZeroWater® 5-Stage Filters

Read reviews from real people using 5-stage drinking water filters and pitcher by ZeroWater®!

I was skeptical about buying this because I thought, "How different can it be?" VERY different. The ZeroWater water tastes so clean... it actually takes some getting used to. My Brita pitcher started leaking so I thought I'd give ZeroWater a try. The system comes with a water tester because you're supposed to change the filter when you hit 6 ppm total devolved solids. The first thing I did was test the Brita water. It was 90 ppm. ZeroWater was, of course, 0 ppm. Bonus: the filters are reasonably priced for what they do!

Hands down the best tasting water from a pitcher ever. I live in a region with a lot of mountains and our water usually tasted like minerals. Even from the fridge filtered water. This pitcher makes my water taste soft and it tests at 3. I have had this for 3 weeks now and it is still testing at 6. I am beyond thrilled with this pitcher. Our household consumption is relatively low, as there are only two of us. I figure we will have to replace the filter about once a month. This equates to about $10 a month if I buy the 6 pack of filters. 110% worth it!