5-Stage Water Filter by ZeroWater® Remove the Most Contaminants of Any Water Filter Pitcher

After testing competing filters, the 5-stage water filter by ZeroWater® was the only drinking water filter that removed 99.6% of Total Dissolved Solids in filtered water.

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The 5-Stage Filter by ZeroWater® Delivers the Purest Tasting Water

The drinking water from any 5-stage water filter pitcher tastes better than tap water because the 5-stage water filters by ZeroWater® remove 99.6% of Total Dissolved Solids, transforming tap water into the purest tasting filtered water.

Reduces Lead, Chromium and Other Heavy Metals

Independently NSF Certified

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People Love ZeroWater® 5-Stage Filters

Read reviews from real people using 5-stage drinking water filters and pitcher by ZeroWater®!

I was skeptical about buying this because I thought, "How different can it be?" VERY different. The ZeroWater water tastes so clean... it actually takes some getting used to. My Brita pitcher started leaking so I thought I'd give ZeroWater a try. The system comes with a water tester because you're supposed to change the filter when you hit 6 ppm total devolved solids. The first thing I did was test the Brita water. It was 90 ppm. ZeroWater was, of course, 0 ppm. Bonus: the filters are reasonably priced for what they do!

Hands down the best tasting water from a pitcher ever. I live in a region with a lot of mountains and our water usually tasted like minerals. Even from the fridge filtered water. This pitcher makes my water taste soft and it tests at 3. I have had this for 3 weeks now and it is still testing at 6. I am beyond thrilled with this pitcher. Our household consumption is relatively low, as there are only two of us. I figure we will have to replace the filter about once a month. This equates to about $10 a month if I buy the 6 pack of filters. 110% worth it!

*3rd Party Certified Lab Results: 5 Gallons of Water at a TDS Level of 240. Influent water TDS level of 240PPM prior to filtration, results shown are after 2 gallons of water filtered.