Hanna Schenkman

Hanna Schenkman

Hanna Schenkman's Bio

Hanna is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and owns her own practice in Cedar Knolls, NJ called Out of the Box Physical Therapy. She is also the co-owner of ProMethod Sports & Fitness in Cedar Knolls as well. She is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (NSCA),is CrossFit Level-1 Certified and is certified in Functional Movement Techniques (FMT), Functional Movement Screen, Y Balance Test. She is driven by her passion to help others create the best versions of themselves. Whether that is improving performance in a sport, building up the confidence to try a new activity, recovering and rehabilitating from all types of surgeries and injuries, or maintaining a certain level of health to be able to do what you love! She created OTB PT to provide activity and sport specific movement assessment and education. It is challenging to move your body the right way, and even more so for the specific activity you love!

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